Kingston Connect

Kingston Connect is a secure way to view your accounts, anytime, and any place.

Signing up is easy, and quick. Kingston Connect allows you to view all of your accounts including: Checking, Savings, Loans, Certificates of Deposit, and IRA’s. Other Services include online bill pay, transferring money between accounts, periodic statements, Popmoney, check images, account alerts, and E-Statements.  The services listed below require an active Kingston Connect account.

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PopMoney is a fast and easy way to send and receive money, allowing you to send money to an individual using only their email address or mobile phone number. You could use Popmoney to...

  • Send money to a college student
  • Pay back friends
  • Pay your babysitter
  • Send money as a present

** This service requires a Kingston Connect account.

Online Bill Pay

With Kingston National Bank’s Online Bill Pay, you can pay your bills without the risk of mail and the cost of postage, set up bill reminders, and receive your bills electronically. See how easy it can be to setup.




** This service requires an Kingston Connect account


Account Alerts

Alerts are notifications that can be sent to you when certain account events occur. You can set up an alert to be sent to you through email, online, or text message. Examples include:

  • Your account balance has fallen below a specified amount
  • An ACH credit or debit
  • Daily Balance
  • Posting of a deposit
  • Past Due Loan Alert

** This service requires an Kingston Connect account



E-Statements are a safe and secure way to review your account information without the hassle and risk of a paper statement being sent in the mail.

  • Stay organized
  • Stay informed
  • Keep your banking information safe

** This service requires an Kingston Connect account