Health Savings Account

HSA is the smart way to invest today in your wellness tomorrow!

An HSA works in conjunction with a high-deductible health insurance plan. When it comes to healthcare, it is always better to have more options. *An HSA may grant you a tax advantage to offset medical expenses. Funds contributed to the account are not subject to income tax and may be used to pay for any qualified out of pocket medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. Contact a Customer Service Representative or call 1-800-337-4562.

Account Features:

  • Must have a high deductible health insurance plan to qualify (HDHP)
  • $3.00 monthly service charge
  • HSA debit card included
  • Interest bearing account based on current market rates, featuring a tiered rate
  • Balance carries over from year to year and the account remains with you, regardless of change in coverage or employment
  • HSA funds may be used to pay for medical expenses that include most medical, dental and vision care

*Please consult your tax advisor.