CDs and IRAs

Certificates of Deposit

If you have your eye on the road ahead, a CD could be a savings strategy for you!

Kingston National Bank provides a wide variety of Certificates of Deposit options for managing and building your short-term and long-term wealth. Certificates of Deposit can be purchased for a variety of terms at competitive rates. Contact a Customer Service Representative or call 1-800-337-4562.

Account Features:

  • Minimum balance requirement $1,000.00
  • Competitive Rates
  • A variety of Certificates of Deposit are automatically renewable
  • A variety of terms available to meet your investment goals

Individual Retirement

Do not wait! Honor all your years of hard work by building your retirement today!

You can have a successful retirement fund. Funds you save with us will be ready when you retire and the cumulative interest we provide will reward you for investing with Kingston National Bank. Our IRA Certificate is a safe, conservative saving retirement option. Contact a Customer Service Representative or call 1-800-337-4562.

Traditional IRA:

  • Earnings are not taxed until withdrawal
  • Tax deferred growth of funds
  • Contributions may be tax deductible (Consult  your tax advisor)
  • Penalty free if you need funds for certain medical emergencies, first time home buying, and qualified educational expenses
  • Mandatory distributions at age of 70 1/2

Roth IRA:

  • No mandatory distributions required
  • Tax free growth of your funds
  • Penalty free withdrawals after 5 years and age is 59 ½ years old. Customers could be subject to an early withdrawal penalty on IRAs.

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